For Financial Advisors

Thank you for your interest in YorkBridge Wealth Partners. Over the course of our 20+ years of working together at some of the largest Wall Street institutions our views on the way to conduct business and how to service our clients have evolved. We started YorkBridge to take control of the client experience and to directly influence the strategic direction of our business.

When we founded YorkBridge Wealth Partners, we had a simple goal in mind: to serve our clients in a fiduciary capacity and to build an outstanding firm that would become a premier destination for High Performing Advisors.

We are currently seeking successful advisors to join our firm – advisors who believe strongly in the client first Fiduciary Standard of service. If you identify with this, we hope that you find this material informative and helpful as you consider independence with YorkBridge Wealth Partners.

We look forward to talking to you soon.

Signature from Carrie S. Gallaway.

Carrie Gallaway, CFP®, CeFT®
Managing Partner

Signature from Andrew L. Stern.

Andrew Stern
Managing Partner