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  • 3Q Market Commentary


    As we enter the final stretch before the US presidential election it is easy to get lost in the headlines and get caught up in the short-term fluctuations of the market. But it is exactly at moments like this that even we have to remind ourselves to stay focused on strategic allocations and remain invested […]

  • Thoughts on the Upcoming Presidential Election


    What to watch for in the upcoming presidential debates Tonight’s presidential debate marks the beginning of the home stretch into Election Day. Over the past several months we have pointed to the upcoming presidential election as one factor that will impact the markets over the short-term. To further clarify our position on this, it is […]

  • 2Q Market Commentary Second Quarter Recap


    The equity markets have taken investors on a wild ride in the 1st half of 2020. The historic sell off in March erased over $5.3 trillion in market value from companies in the S&P 500. Yet this dramatic fall was mirrored by an equally historic move to the upside as stock prices rebounded significantly in […]