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  • Fourth Quarter 2021 Commentary


    Just when we thought things were returning to normal, the Omicron Covid variant reared its ugly head and has sent us all scrambling to navigate this new phase of the global pandemic. Confusion and mixed messages from political and health care leaders has resulted in a complex web of uncertainty about how we should manage […]

  • Third Quarter 2021 Commentary


    Investments and the Economy The US economy posted slowing but above-average growth in the quarter underpinned by accommodative monetary policy and the historic fiscal stimulus that continues to work its way through the economic system. We are now over 20 months from the start of the pandemic and although the lockdowns that defined the earliest […]

  • Second Quarter 2021 Commentary


    Investments and the Economy The economic recovery forged ahead in the second quarter and stocks expanded on the first-quarter rally. . For the quarter ending 6/30/2021, the S&P 500 was up +8.55% bringing its total performance for the year up to +15.25%. It was the fifth straight quarter in which the S&P 500 experienced returns […]