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  • Keeping Calm with Market Volatility


    With today’s news that Russia has invaded Ukraine, equity markets have come under additional pressure, adding to what has already been a difficult couple of months as continued concerns over inflation and rate hikes, have plagued investors. Dealing with geopolitical risks is inevitable for long term investors and almost always present. Headlines from regional and […]

  • Why Diversification Matters


    One of the keys to successful long term investing is learning how to balance the need for growth to outpace inflation with the desire for security. Through a diversified investment approach, one can mitigate risk and volatility, potentially reducing the number and severity of drawdowns within a portfolio. Broad Diversification involves the spreading of a […]

  • Fourth Quarter 2021 Commentary


    Just when we thought things were returning to normal, the Omicron Covid variant reared its ugly head and has sent us all scrambling to navigate this new phase of the global pandemic. Confusion and mixed messages from political and health care leaders has resulted in a complex web of uncertainty about how we should manage […]

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