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  • How to Work With One-Income Couples – The Wall Street Journal -

    To help the non-breadwinner feel more secure, it’s important for advisers to be communicative and inclusive
    Jacob Meade
    June 26, 2017

    Carrie S. Gallaway, managing partner and adviser at YorkBridge Wealth Partners in New York… When couples aren’t open with each other about their finances, the non-income-producing husband or wife can become anxious. PHOTO: MICHAEL BENABIB Clear communication between partners about money is important no matter where that money comes from. When money comes from only […]

  • Real Estate Prompts Radically Divergent Responses – Financial Advisor IQ -

    Thomas Coyle
    June 2, 2017

    Real estate is a tricky asset. It’s notoriously illiquid, subject to boom-and-bust cycles, and — especially in its role as dwelling place — emotionally fraught at the best of times. And the asset class is especially fraught for wealth managers. It means different things to different clients, depending on where they live, what they do […]

  • Strong 1st Quarter for the Markets as Economic Recovery Continues and Confidence Soars: Sit Tight or Bail?

    YorkBridge Investment Committee
    April 15, 2017

    Earnings growth is typically the driving force of long-run bull markets, but in the short-term, anticipation of positive change like that seen since the election of President Trump can have a major impact. The hope of meaningful tax reform, deregulation and infrastructure spending has sent consumer and business confidence soaring, and with it hopes of […]