Client Experience

A successful long-term wealth management practice is driven by the development of deep relationships with clients. We know from first-hand experience that these relationships are accomplished through an ongoing process of discovery and discussion, through which we acquire a deep grasp of each client’s unique situation while sharing our own perspectives in
an unbiased and straightforward manner.

Adherence to the Fiduciary Standard

We believe that absolute transparency is the key element to building trust. As fiduciaries, we hold our clients’ interests first and foremost above everything else we do. Transparency and full disclosure extend to all aspects of our engagement with our clients, including product selection, pricing and other terms.

Highly Personalized Service

At YorkBridge Wealth Partners, we create a comfortable environment in which clients feel at ease discussing their circumstances and concerns. We believe that trust is at the heart of all we do, and strive to develop and maintain it through integrity, performance and our approach to client service. Clients recognize that we truly enjoy helping them plan for the future and profoundly value our relationship with them.

Our Services

YorkBridge Wealth Partners provides comprehensive planning and investment management services within the context of an open-architecture environment. The ability to search for, research, deliver and administer investments and other services is driven by the use of the most current technology and centered around product agnosticism as well as advice that strives to mitigate conflicts of interest. Our core services include:

Financial Planning to address clients’ short- and long-term objectives, including recommendations in such areas as asset structuring, portfolio construction, estate planning, wealth transfer and distribution.

Investment Management to enable clients to preserve, enhance and expand their wealth with full understanding and respect for their specific goals, risk profiles and life circumstances.

Other services delivered through our partnerships and Center of Influence network in both the New York Metro area and the Hamptons, provide access to such services as:

Investment Committee and Philosophy

Our breadth of experience in investment management has directly informed our perspectives on asset allocation and diversification of risk. We adhere strictly to an integrated investment management approach, where we examine the three separate, but related, elements of portfolio construction and implementation:

Asset Allocation

The segmentation of portfolio investments into multiple asset classes in order to achieve diversification and minimize risk.

Asset Location

The placement of investment assets into appropriate entities to capture available tax efficiencies.

Emotional & Intangible Considerations

To ensure that investment mixes both reflect and address specific preferences, views and values.

At YorkBridge Wealth Partners, we take great care to create for our clients customized portfolios designed to produce a potential return commensurate with their risk proclivities and overall objectives. We employ an open-architecture platform in which we select third-party equity management solutions based on a rigorous due diligence process. Depending upon a client’s priorities, we may recommend both passive and actively managed strategies. As appropriate, we may also recommend alternative investments, including hedge funds, private equity and direct deal opportunities.